Author Topic: Piano Is Driving Our Neighbors Crazy  (Read 4358 times)

V Davis

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Piano Is Driving Our Neighbors Crazy
« on: April 16, 2001, 05:19:19 PM »
We have wonderful nextdoor neighbors who are, unfortunately,
hearing our brand-new upright piano all too clearly. We share
a mutual wall made of brick with plaster laid directly
on it. We suspect that most of the sound is being
transferred through the floor joists underneath the piano,
rather than through the wall. A contractor recommended
against building out the wall to create a sealed airspace.
What do you recommend. I went into the basement underneath
the piano and the floor underneath the piano almost seems to act like a
secondary soundboard to amplify the sound. My ideas are:
   1. Plexiglass underneath the piano to prevent sound
      transmission to the floor boards
   2. Or some kind of sound absorbing mat under the piano.
   3. Insulate the ceiling under the piano with 3" acoustic foam to
      absorb as much of the sound as possible before it
      moves next door through the joists.
   4. Put a layer of acoustic foam behind the piano.
   5. Move (I don't want to - we love the home and the
   6. Build out the wall (neither of us wants to do this
      because the rooms are already very narrow).


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Re: Piano Is Driving Our Neighbors Crazy
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Have a look here: