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jointless spray sound isolation
« on: February 14, 2008, 10:07:47 PM »
We have a house that is being changed to house 2 families and that is now a sound box (i.e. you can hear someone breathing from one end to the other end of the house, and through floors, hear the water running in the pipes, hear the people even when they run around on socks, etc.) A sound nightmare.

In looking for a valid sound isolation solution I came across 2 different companies of which I lost their URL. They seemed to offer interesting sound isolation solutions.

The first offered a sound isolation material that is sprayed, like paint, but then a couple of mm thick, that forms like a joint-less sheet on walls, ceiling, floor, around water, heating and electricity holes in and tubes coming out of the walls. What I liked about that offering was that it does not have ANY joints, so the sound isolation efficiency would be maximised (no joints for noise to creep through). They did say however that they only reduce the sound by X db. It also had some caloric isolation (as in keeping the heat inside and the cold outside in the winter).

The other company had a similar claim offer, based on some kind of sheets that do not create joints (due to some melting or the like, but I forgot the exact application).

Has anyone heard of these solutions and can anyone post their links as I have lost them and am very interested in comparing these to my current selection of options. Thanks!