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quick question for the soundproofing experts
« on: March 13, 2008, 06:50:56 PM »
I am currently finishing a basement and am wondering how much success I'll see with some of the soundproofing I am considering.  It's a standard basement with concrete walls on 3 sides and then standard masonite siding on the side facing the walk-out portion. 

I have a 15x13 bedroom that is such that only one of its walls will be alongside the concrete.  One other will face the outside of the house, one will be against a utility room, and the other will face the living room.  I am a musician (drummer) and would like to attenuate some of the sound if possible.  I realize I won't be able to play real acoustic drums (I use electronic drums for late nights and when people are home) unless I were to spend some serious money and do specialized construction.  With the way this house is setup, I don't want to even consider that.  However, I was planning to insulate the walls (R13 with vapor barrier).  The wall facing the utility room would get one layer of Cellotex sound board along with one layer of 5/8" drywall.  The ceiling would also get this as well.  The other 3 side walls wouldn't get anything since one is against concrete, the other outdoors, and if I were to put extra drywall on the wall facing the living room that would screw up my door jambs.

I haven't done anything with the ductwork (to muffle it), I have a regular hollow core door, and I have 4 recessed can lights in the ceiling (which concern me since I know these can be a direct sound leak).

My drywaller is looking to charge me $240 extra for material and the extra labor to hang the Cellotex.  I am just wondering if it is even worth doing since I am not really taking any other measures.  I was hoping to get some advice from everyone to see if I should just forget about it or if I should go ahead and do the sound board (and maybe even consider a few extra small steps along with the sound board that may give me even better results).

I was also thinking of putting soundboard on the ceiling in my living room to help cut down noise from my home theater (to not disturb children sleeping upstairs).  This would add another $400 for material and labor...again I'm just not sure this would be money well spent.

I really appreciate your time and help.