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Sound proofing a window
« on: March 25, 2008, 01:12:05 AM »
I have a bedroom window that is roughly 66 inches wide by 60 inches high.  It is located in a seldom used apartment on one of the busiest streets in San Francisco and the traffic noise makes it nearly impossible to sleep.  The window is located on the second floor adjacent to an alleyway that opens to the street.  There is a 3-story building across the alley and another 3 story building at the end of the alley.  The "U" shape created by the 3 buildings makes it seem like I'm sleeping right on the median in the middle of the street.  The noise just bounces off the walls and into the bedroom all night.  Since I don't use the apartment that much, I'm looking for an inexpensive way to block the noise.  I've thought of using a type of soundboard (cut into 2 or 3 panels) to wedge into the window casing each night and to remove it each morning.  Any suggestions about materials to use?  I've seen some stuff called Quiet Rock, but I'm 62 and that stuff must weigh a ton!

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Re: Sound proofing a window
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You need 20 to 30 kg of unit mass at least and on a window that size there is no way you would remove it each day unless you are some sort of powerlifter or strongman with muscles of steel Lol!
I would go with mlv fixed to a backer board and split into panels so you dont have to remove 5 foot square of mass!!!
Or you could use GG and wood or even QR cut into small panels.
You would need to bolt this with steel bolts and leave say 4 inches of air gap from the window and you could remove the panels everyday but its a pain so just leave them there in place.
But you must have enough damped mass to get enough sound proofing.
Even with this some loud sounds will get through.
And check your roof/walls/floor as well for enough mass. :)