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Electric transformer in back yard emits hum
« on: April 01, 2008, 06:08:33 PM »
I have a transformer in my back yard with emits a hum. Not a loud hum, but a hum that drives my wife and I crazy. The situation is worsened by a few facts, it is in a small space, it is a quiet space and there is a wall reflecting the sound. I have attached a small picture; taken very near our bedroom window, about 25 feet away from the transformer.

I have been working with the electric company and have by luck (and Google) run into this web site. I have read though most posts on the site looking for someone who has my particular issue. The closest issue I see is quieting a generator/pump using the box in a box solution. The electric company is not in favor of me building anything that has a top on it, even if it ventilates well.

For this discussion, I would like to put the box in a box solution aside. I understand the solution and will keep that as an option.

They are very open to me completely surrounding it with some form of fence/wall, as long as it does not have a top. One other requirement is that I will need an innovative way to allow them access.

Can anyone suggest give some opinions on if a fence that surrounds the transformer would help? What height? My reading of other posts tells me 8+ feet, but I am not sure I can put such a thing in that space. Can it be shorter that 8 feet? What material?

Insight is much appreciated. Thanks.