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I have a downstairs condo. The unit above is rented out by the owner. Their last tenant ran daycare/babysitting/ after school care out of the unit (whilst collecting welfare)  Needless to say the noise was unbearable. I ended up mostly staying back with my parents to escape the noise and threats from her adult daughter cause I had the NERVE to complain about the noise level. (condo board did nothing for me) Anyhow , this tenant was evicted last week ( for not paying rent) ... happy ,  happy joy joy. 

I also have massive water damage that this tenant caused to my unit. I could not get it repaired  till she was out of unit cause it was happening daily.... over run tub, over run sinks  washer leak and water damage from watering  her plants with a hose attached to her sink... I  *** think she did this to get even with me cause I complained about the noise from the babysitting.

The current flooring above is 3/4 plywood, parquet wood tiles , with thin pad and thin ,old commercial grade carpeting , empty space and then MY CEILING ATTACHED. I would like to offer the unit owner acoustical floor padding and thick plush carpeting. I am sure he would accept.  But  I am wondering would I get BETTER noise reduction ( foot fall noise)  from having my ceiling sound proofed?
Would best quality ( please name a brand) acoustical underlayment  and thick plush carpet greatly reduce noise?  I saw a heavy 1/2 inch recycled rubber one  and I also saw closed foam types with vinyl layer to reduce airborne noise ... Your thoughts.

Please your best advice .... Money not a big issue. Just need relief after all I have been through. Thank you

Randy S

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You would have better results soundproofing your ceiling, even better to address both ceiling and floor if possible.
For the carpet underlayment here is a link to view MLV with Closed cell foam.
For soundproofing your ceiling give us a call and we can discuss your options.