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Good sources of white noise?
« on: July 10, 2008, 09:46:55 PM »
Hi, here's the deal.  Moved in to our current house back in '02.  Our house butts up to a subdivision that is built (at least) 15-20 feet higher - newer houses, smaller lots, etc.  My backyard suffers from something called "Canyon Effect" - noise, music, talking, anything/everything, is amplified many times by how the homes behind us are situated - the sound cascades down upon us, literally.  House in the right corner of my backyard has a pool, with outdoor stereo, of course.   :)  Now, house in my left corner installed an in-ground pool, with stereo, of course.  From '02-06, did battle with neighbor in right corner, and they finally moved out 2 years ago.  The new occupants aren't anything like old occupants, but noise, low-levels of music can still be heard.  I just don't can't stomach 'doing battle', again, with neighbors, as I have 3 young kids (8, 6 and 4), who LOVE being outside.

I've read from mods, here, that in order to mitigate the sounds/noise, fences need to be 8feet higher than the source of the sound/noise.  As a result, building a fence isn't an option.

Anyone have any ideas for sources of white noise that might be able to cancel out the 'canyon effect' my backyard suffers from?  I've considered buying large fans, used in warehouses, for example, without air-conditioning to drown out pool noise.  Cost would be around $800/fan, not including electricity costs involved.  Figure I'd need 2-3 to completely eliminate the problem.  Just started thinking about outdoor waterfalls, etc, but may be cost prohibitive, considering how big it would need to be to eliminate noises (I'm picturing...Niagara falls! j/k).


Should I just get earplugs and grin and bear it? :)

Any input appreciated, or if you have questions, ask away.

Mark Daveis

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Re: Good sources of white noise?
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 10:20:38 PM »
The only way to stop that sort of noise is to build a heavy building outside.
My advice is to move to a single property with a large surrounding garden so you wont have these problems.
Noise that enters your airspace and property is noise that you should NOT have to put up with full stop.
Why should you have to grin and bear it?
Everyone has the right to decent levels of peace and quiet on their own land :)

Oh forgot to add a 8 or 10 foot wall will do NOTHING at all.
We have a 10 foot wall around our property but it does nothing for outdoor noise.
This is just nonsense and you really need an enclosed space.
To make the sound lose enough energy you are looking at a wall hundreds of feet high
assuming its open at the top unless you are tryimng to rewrite the laws of physics.

Using other noise sources like fans will just annoy you and cannot mask loud thud or bang and so on sounds.
Build a heavy duty summer house is the only option with thick heavy glass on the roof is the only option.


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Re: Good sources of white noise?
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2008, 04:28:53 PM »
You may be able to find some ideas at this site: 
This is a huge article but (in my opinion) it has the best, most complete info on exterior noise problems and suggested solutions.