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Soundproofing home from Train & Neighbors & Sirens
« on: July 18, 2008, 12:38:09 PM »
I live on the main street of my town.  We are a small community and there are many single family homes all around us on this street.  I have a nice 1500 sq ft home single lvl with attic and full basement.

My noise makers:
1. my street is the emergency route for the police and fire engines,

2. as well as we are just across the street from the main train tracks that have commuter rails going to and from the big city (they are not so much the problem - actually rather quiet) and

3. the big Freighter trains which for some reason feel it is necessary to hold their horns down at full volume for a mile before and after the street crossing at all hours of the night.  Now I know its the law that they do this but we have had decent freighters that blow their horns and only make a fraction of the noise that some of the others do.  It almost seems that some of those big trains are doing it just to aggrivate people. They sometimes cause the entire house to vibrate with their speed and weight.

4. (not so bad but I can hear them) my neighbors.. its like I can hear every word they say on their porch.. which means they can hear us.

So I was looking for a nice solution, something to at least cut back the sound from these noisemakers.  We have recently installed new windows (within the last year) so really replacing them again would be very hard on our budget. (sound curtains would help here).  But I was wondering about doing the walls.  the Master bedroom needs to have them redone anyway (they look awful).  Any suggestions?

There are three rooms street side.  The master bedroom (on the west corner) the Living room (middle) and the study (east corner). And the Front door naturally faces the street and is also new.  The master and the living have huge picture windows.

I have lived here for 6 years now and I hate to say it that I personally have gotten used to all the noise, but we are looking to sell our home soon and I do know that having some kind of soundproofing would appeal to anyone wanting this cute home.

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Re: Soundproofing home from Train & Neighbors & Sirens
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2008, 04:11:30 PM »
No amount of soundproofing will eliminate the train horns and excessive vibrations from the ground.
You can do something with the walls, realizing that windows and doors will still be the weak points.  Windows and doors can be retrofitted in several ways.  For doors see 
and for windows see
For the walls there are several options.  The most simple (and still effective) is to use Green Glue and additional dry wall.  Multiple layers of Green Glue and dry wall work best.  For info on Green Glue see  Be sure to view the 'slide show', data sheet and installation guide for a full understanding of how it works.