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Drop Ceiling and New Hardwood Floors
« on: July 29, 2008, 06:25:16 AM »
Hey all.  My first post and I'm really hoping some people can help out a newbie here.  My wife and I just bought a house with a drop ceiling in the basement.  We're planning on getting hardwood floors to replace the ugly carpet laid down by the previous owners and we're concerned about the noise increase, considering the plan is to have a home theater in the basement.  What would the best and most cost effective option(s) be?  The tiles are currently the really crappy fiberglass panels, but from what I've read they aren't paintable (which is another element to the the story - I need to be able to paint the ceiling tiles).  I am concerned with the noise from watching movies reaching the kids upstairs and, to a lesser degree, the noise of footsteps on the hardwood floors affecting my ability to get through a movie without interruptions from the people upstairs (rare, as my wife would usually either be watching it with me or be in bed).  Thanks.

PS - I'd prefer to keep the drop ceiling, as it allows me to run my home theater wires without them being seen.

Randy S

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Re: Drop Ceiling and New Hardwood Floors
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2008, 05:48:10 PM »
For the hardwood floors, use a glue down or floating wood floor not "nail down". Use MLV w/PSA and SSP-FL underlayments before you put down the wood floor.

Now since you want to keep the drop ceiling I would put Cotton fiber insulation on top of the drop ceiling to help absorb airborne noise.