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Re: Best way to soundproof a ceiling
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ARe you all still debating this?  I just dealt with this problem?

we current rent out the 1st floor, we live on the 2nd floor.  The living rooms are right above each other.  the 1st floor people are moving out, before we get new people in we would like to add more noise protection.  Currently when 1st floor watch their movie with their 5.1ch speakers we can hear it in our living room.  The living room it self is 23' x 26' with 9' ceiling.

We don't have carpets on our floor, just Pergo, under that 3/4" OSB than the floor joists than their 5/8" sheetrock.  We installed R-30 between the floor joists.

 far we came up with 4 different ideas.

1) run some new 2"x4" @ 16"OC under the current 5/8" ceiling and add a new layer of 5/8" sheetrock

2) keep the current ceiling, add green glue and add another layer of 5/8" sheetrock. 
3) same as #1 above, but this time we use a soundproof sheetrock like Quietrock.
4) same as #2 but use a soundproof sheetrock.

We are not sure how to find (guess) the final STC value.  Quietrock claims their 1/2" sheetrock is 49-68 STC. not sure What GreenGlue is rated for.

We are guessing our current STC value is the high 30's maybe the very low 40's. 
Any other suggestions?


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Re: Best way to soundproof a ceiling
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I'd like to know if this solution will solve the problem.  (?)
I'm dealing w/ the same issue but have IC cans in the ceiling. 
We are going to use metal (rc channel) and put a sheet of Suppress drywall on that.  We are going to spray foam @ recessed can opeinings as well.
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