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Twin Home From Hell
« on: December 26, 2008, 09:01:36 PM »
I live in a twin attached home. I had remodeled the home before my wife and I had moved in. There are four shared walls with the neighbor with the steps being in the middle of the house seperating the four rooms. Anyway, I have hung 1/2 sheetrock over all of the existing plaster in the house. During this time a very elderly women who could not hear well lived next door. She has since been moved and the house is being rented out to a 40 year old recently divorced party animal. Come to realize that everything is connected. Most of the sound is coming thru the 4 shared walls. There is also some flanking noice traveling through the floor which is very minimal. From what I understand is that we share studs (house was built around 1908ish guess no codes?). We both have lath. plaster, 1 sheet of 1/2 rock.

I can only hear him when he yells really loud (it is not clear or to the point of bothersome). However, the impact noise (early am bass, doors, feet) is what is driving me nuts. It shakes the walls. Next to ripping out everything and reframing are there any options? Do you think a layer of 5/8 rock and 2 tubes of Green Glue would help to tone down the noise? This is a started home for us and I really do not want to get into ripping out plaster............


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Re: Twin Home From Hell
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Adding more mass to the walls, especially with a Green Glue layer will definitely help, but if you could get some insulation in the walls it would be better.