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building drum room in garage- need advice
« on: August 26, 2008, 03:35:41 PM »
Hello, i'm looking into building a drum room in my unfinished garage(just studs, no insulation or drywall), maybe around 8 foot by 6 foot. I plan to build a room within a room, not counting the actual garage structure. So I would have a room within a room, then the garage. My goal is to have the drums be *barely* heard from directly outside the garage so it doesnt bother the neighbor which is about 50ft from my garage.

 I plan on building 2x4 stud walls. I was thinking of doing 2 layers of 5/8 drywall on the interior most walls, insulation in the inner room walls, then one more sheet of drywall, then for the outer most wall, one layer of 5/8 drywall, insulation, then one more layer of drywall on the outermost wall(the wall that would be part of the garage space). I'll leave 6" air space between the 2 wall structures.  Does this sound like a good plan? I would appreciate any input before i start construction.