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soundproofing high speed electric motor
« on: October 20, 2008, 06:49:51 AM »
Hello, I am a director of a Tech center stationed in Singapore and have been tasked with the noise reduction of one of our customers high speed motors. This motor is small enough to hold in one hand but runs between 80,000 and 100,000rpm so the decibel level is very high. currently they do some simple sound proofing within there product by using sound proofing foam which helps but not enough. I am looking for better solutions. Any ideas?
I had an idea of creating a liquid/jel barrier to act as a sound proofing chamber. Does anyone have experience using liquids or jels for this use? Also i was told there are liquids that i coulod submerse the motor in to reduce the noise. If this is so what are the liquids and also how do they handle the fact that there is 230 volts running through the motors? Or would one create only a barrier sounding the motor thus reducing the noise level?

Super Soundproofing Co do you know of these supplies? Do you supply them? If you do please have your sales contact me ASAP.

Thank you in advance and please i am open to any ideas As a tech center director i find the craziest ideas are at times not so crazy:)

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Re: soundproofing high speed electric motor
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What type of foam are they currently using? open cell or closed cell foam?

Since you mentioned submersing the motor, is the casing metal or plastic? a noise dampeneing paint might be applicable here.

Usually you have to build a soundproof enclosure to achieve a good sound reduction, however, out of the box concepts can achieve desired results once all the varialbes are considered.

What is the function of this motor and how is it to be used?
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