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Corner Room In Basement
« on: November 15, 2008, 02:50:04 PM »
I am getting set to build a 14'x16' room for my drums in the corner of my basement. I'm just stuck on some small details and would like any opinions or ideas. My basement has a 9' foundation and with the room dimensions, I plan on building a room inside of a room with the 2x4's staggered using 5/8" drywall along with green glue and resilient channels to include insulation for both walls. As for the ceiling, I would like to insulate and drywall the original ceiling and create a suspended ceiling with the drywall, green glue and channels. Two of the walls are against the poured foundation, would I really need to add the extra wall of wood/insulation against the concrete? Or can I just insulate the wall and drywall it like any room? Also, are there any suggestions for the door or my eggress window for soundproofing? I don't necessarily have a tight budget, but am looking for opinions on my questions and overrall plan with the room and it's installation process.


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Re: Corner Room In Basement
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Sounds like a good plan.  Remember, when using resilient channel it must be attached to open studs/joists only.  If you put it between sheets of dry wall it actually increases impact noise and decreases your STC adds by @ 80%.  For further info see this article:
As for the below ground block wall - no need for separate wall, just do it as you mentioned.
Here are links which discuss inexpensive ideas for doors and windows: