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Soundproofing above a bar
« on: November 18, 2008, 11:01:47 PM »
I'm trying to figure out how best to soundproof a floor against a very loud bar below it. The bars ceilings are only 7'4" high (it's basement level), and the incredibly loud music that comes up through the floor makes the entire floor vibrate, badly.
After much research, I was thinking of putting 2 layers of plywood (or chipboard, since I heard that this blocks better than plywood) on the existing subfloor with green glue between layers. Then on part of the floor, carpet and padding,the other part of the floor will be hardwood floors.
 My concern is making the floor dramatically higher, and people tripping on the couple of inch difference when they walk in the door, not to mention having to adjust door heights.
There also would need to be built partition walls for the kitchen and bathroom areas. The kitchen and bath would have tile floors.
I'm now thinking that foam backed mlv might do the trick, but would I also need to put a lawer of plywood over the mlv?
Any suggestions on which method would best block the loud music and vibrations from below?


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Re: Soundproofing above a bar
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2008, 12:27:31 AM »
Time to move.

"Incredibly loud music" isn't gonna be blocked with lightweight plywood/OSB/MDF/whatever.  You'd need concrete - lots of it.  Unless you have masonry skills and joists strong enough to support the added weight, It's not economically practical to fix your noise problem.