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I just got settled into a new place...buddy bought a house, and I am renting a room that I plan on working out of running a small business.  I am usually up and running by 6:30, and both the home owner and other friend renting sleep until at least 10:00.  I have corner room, and share a wall with one roomate where a return-air vent on the floor goes right into his room you can see in there if you get down.  My other wall not facing the outside is a walk-in closet where the back wall shares with owner, and my door which is pretty much right across from hall from him.

The floors are all wood, and there is no carpet anywhere on the main floor yet (its a rancher), so everything echoes.  I'd like to sound-proof my room as much as possible without doing any structural stuff to my buddies house.  I also don't want to spend a fortune, maybe a few hundred dollars at most.  I am guessing the back wall of closet, the door, and the big shared wall along with the vent would all need something done to them to block most of the noise but all the information on this site and internet is overwhelming.  If I gotta buy panels or MLV I'd like to make it as nice looking as possible too.  Any suggestions that won't break the bank, require destroying my friends walls of the house he just bought, and also look cool and not like I have half a sound studio in my room since the other walls I would think could be cool to be left alone???  THANK YOU ahead of time.

Randy S

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For soundproofing the wall, your not going to get quality results without adding materials to increase the STC rating of the wall for airborne sound. Products like MLV/Green Glue/Drywall will work for this. Also if you are creating impact noise from working out, this will travel through the wood floor and be remitted through out the house. You also have the air return to deal with, which will be sound leak directly to your roomate and closing off this vent might not be an option.
You can atleast address your door, if you can change the door to a solid core door if is not already (most likely not).
Use seal tape around door jam and a transom seal at the bottom, this will address the leaks through the door.

I dont see how you can get out of putting up a new layer of drywall to soundproof shared walls, pyramids and wedges (acoustical foams) are for conditioning a rooms acoustics not soundproofing the room.
Doing a layer of MLV or Green glue with a new layer of drywall will be the way to go in reducing sound transmission.