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wall impact noise
« on: November 29, 2008, 10:55:30 PM »
I have lived in a prewar apartment building for many years and the walls have been very good at keeping my neighbors noise out up until my new neighbor renovated the bathroom and closet system that is on the other side of my bedroom wall, right near by bed.   Now I hear quite loudly, all the bathroom and closet doors closing as well as, when they hit the wall stoppers, the medicine cabinet closing, things moved around in the medicine cabinet, and other things done in the bathroom, kitchen cabinets closing (which is far away from my apartment), conversations, and of course everthing that goes on in the closet system that was constructed. 
I am woken constantly as we are on different schedules.   There is no where else to place my bed.  My neighbor isn't doing anything out of the ordinary to make the noise.  Ear plugs, white noise machines don't help. What can be done???