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Upstairs Drum Room / Outside Noise
« on: December 12, 2008, 05:15:11 AM »
Hi guys,

I was reading through some of the posts and found some good info. I wasnt able to find what I was looking for though. Some neighbor keeps on calling the police on me for playing the drums (at 5:00 PM weekdays and 12:00 PM saturday!). Anyways, I think they are a bit sensitive, but to avoid making them too mad, I need to keep the sound from going outside as much as possible. I am open to any ideas! Here's what I have done so far:

There is a window in the room that is 59" wide and 40" tall. I have cut out a 3/4" MDF board to fill the inside of the window. I am then going to caulk the edges to seal it off. Then I was going to buy some Soundboard / Homasote to add an additional layer and top it off with some egg crate foam to so it will absorb some of the sound in the room and make it so it doesnt bounce around. Does this sound like an ok plan minimize some of the noise? I dont have to "soundproof" it, just make it so they wont call the cops! If need be, I was thinking of lining the inside exterior wall with more homasote / soundboard, or even better, some MLV (if I can find some locally).

The inside of the house is no big wife says it's actually very quiet. So any suggestions I can do to keep the sound from going out through the side wall and window to the outside would be much appreciated.