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Desperate for help...infant child suffering
« on: January 09, 2009, 03:04:01 AM »
Sorry in advance for an extremely drawn out post...I'm at my witts end and have spent months in tears...
My husband and I moved into my condo when the housing market was at its peak, and I am unable to sell my home now without losing about 100,000 dollars (Half of what I paid!)
I live in a 2nd floor, top floor condo built in 1986.
We've had problems with our downstairs neighbors since we moved in. They are extremely angry and verbally abusive to each other (a mother and her grown son). It's so bad that the police are there at least once a month. Since we've moved in, they have moved in a grown daughter and her two children under five years old (they sleep on the living room floor). Unsurprisingly, child services has also been downstairs. Through my floors and walls I hear entire conversations, word for word. I hear the F word plain as day every minute of my life. I can hear every screaming match, screaming children, doors slamming (I had to take everything off the wall as my pictures ended up on the floor), phone conversations, televisions, chairs dragged across the floor, rap music, EVERYTHING. Oh, and every adult downstairs is unemployed! Therefore it's actually a 24-7 hell in my condo.
At first I kindly let them know that I could hear their screaming, and they told me to go F myself. They own the place and can do as they wish. So reasoning with them is out of the question.
Six months ago my husband and I welcomed a daughter into our family, and this neighbor inconvenience is now causing me so much anguish that I cry myself to sleep at night. I cry more than my child. I cannot afford to leave and I feel that I am I horrible mother because I can do nothing to protect her. I cannot put her for naps in any room of the house because it is so loud. I've had to lay her in bassinet in the laundry room for some peace and quiet. At night she is awoken constantly. During play time she learns profanity.
I found this website out of desperation and I am hoping for advice on soundproofing her nursery, so that at least she has a quiet safe haven until I can afford to sell. The issue is that on top of the world's worst neighbors, I seem to have the world's worst constructed condo. Everything is audible, even squeaks in their floor (even though I'm upstairs!) I am willing to do whatever it takes to make somewhat of a difference in the nursery, because I cannot afford to do anything with the rest of the house. I've looked at the website and assume that I need something under the carpet and more drywall and other items on the walls. What do I need? Are there experts who install these products or is it the job of my husband and myself. I would appreciate any help you could give me and I am so appreciative for any suggestions.

K. Giles

Randy S

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Re: Desperate for help...infant child suffering
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Yes we can help you soundproof your nursery, It would be best to give us a call at the office and we can discuss the particulars.