Author Topic: How many % in reduction in impact noise should I expect?  (Read 3286 times)


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How many % in reduction in impact noise should I expect?
« on: January 14, 2009, 01:01:34 PM »
Hello, I wish to get some advice / comments from the experts here, as well as others!

I live in a condo, and there are a lot of footfall noise, and noise from slamming of cabinet doors and sliding of chairs from upstairs.

The vibration is so bad that I can actually feel the ceiling is vibrating, as well as some vibrations on the the walls and floor.

The noise is so bad that I cannot relax or sleep properly.  Therefore I wish to upgrade my bedroom, and if it works, the whole condo.

This is what I intend to do with my bedroom:

(1) ceiling with "Kinetic Noise Control - Super Compact Ceiling Hanger (Model: KSCH)", with fiberglass isolation, a single layer of MLV inbetween two layers of gypsum boards

see link:

(2)  all four walls with double layers of drywall + Green Glue

(3)  thick carpet on floor

Now I wish to know how many % in reduction I should expect on

(a) footfall noise?
(b) noise from sliding of chairs?
(c) noise from slamming of doors?
(d) other higher frequencies noise?

Also any comments on my proposed upgrading work?  Are there any other better solutions?

Many thanks!