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another band room HT project with material questions
« on: January 19, 2009, 07:31:21 AM »
ive got a room im trying to sound proof,  ive already built the walls room in a room style. they are 2x2 framed 2" space then sheeted with 1/2" plywood (used these items because of the walls are decoupled from the main structure with rubber isolation strips.  my ceiling is bare trusses with 1st floor master bed room above.  im reluctant to sheetrock this just because of fear of future water leaks.  i have enough 2x2 ceiling tile (one of armstrongs best acoustic tile) left over from a commercial job (free). i could use these but it sounds(pardon the pun) like i would get minimal results using it to eliminate low freq. or impact noise from drums.

my question is should i do double layers of sheetrock or use gg on the plywood then 1 layer of sheetrock.  i also have asphalt fiber board i could sandwich between the plywood and sheetrock or i can sheet the entire walls with 30lb roofing felt (again free item) then rock over that.  or bite it and do it all and blow my projector budget on materials.
i dont want to get caught up in a shotgun approach of using materials just because i have them and wasting labor on minimal return.

the room is over 750 sf and 9' high so to do gg right would be pricey, 8 cases worth for the walls and another 6 cases for the ceiling. 


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Re: another band room HT project with material questions
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2009, 08:06:22 PM »
Ok this is a bit much to explain in the forum due to the types of materials you want to use, there are ways to get some results from what you mention below. However the results those material are unknown and probably hard to even compare to actual soundproofing material.
Not saying you wont get a reduction, just not sure

So give me a call at the office when you get a chance and we can discuss the particulars.