Author Topic: HELP!shared basement ceiling , soundproof my studio. save my neighbors??  (Read 3885 times)


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Hi all! Help! ya go. so....
 I own a 2 Family, upper & lower.... I live in the lower. The boys upstairs on floor 2, are lawyers... I am of course a night person. Our Basement runs under the entire house with a dividing drywall, wall, between the 2 sides. 1/2  basement for each unit.
Im currently building out a hm studio that will have an electronic drum kit. That said.
My question being is that the ceiling joists run across my half to their half... the floor is concrete, 3 exterior walls on my side are cement block foundation, with the shared 4th wall between us being drywall.

what material do you recommend I use in the joists 2 prevent the sound from leaking? and what should I use on the dividing shared wall? I have a pro studio elsewhere so this is just for personal use and out of courtsey. ( More concerned with being able 2 play my music at the level I want 2 listen 2 late at night, & want to keep the sound from traveling.)
mind u that my unit gives a whole barrior floor between us. them asleep upstairs & me jamming in the basement. I want to prevent or atleast muffle the music, from traveling up 2 flights of stairs & n2 their dreaming lil ears at 3am on the 2nd floor....
I've heard blankets, & such.... heard a lot about 7 please tell me more bout corrugated cardboard?.... if I fill the joists with foam or blankets, insulation etc, then do I glue or nail the cardboard over the joist to "wall off the GAP????.... creating a "seal" in the ceiling?
u feeling me on this... Im working on it tonight & have been trying to figure out which is the best way 2 go.... so glad I stumbled upon this site!!! Can A girl get some advice?
haha much appreciation & respect. thanks  ;)Jaclyn