Author Topic: Conversations from next door driving me nuts!!  (Read 4225 times)


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Conversations from next door driving me nuts!!
« on: January 28, 2009, 09:31:26 PM »
I live in a recently renovated apartment building.  Units are loft-style... open spaces with high ceilings and hardwood floors.  Shared walls are 5/8" drywall with 2x6 studs, and some kind of thin yellow rolled fiberglass insulation in between, like attic insulation.

Anything beyond a hushed voice and I can make out conversations next door.  If I were to watch the same channel as them, I wouldn't need the sound on my tv.  And the dog barking is loud enough for people on the other end of MY telephone conversations to hear.

I don't really mind the lower frequencies as much as the talking and dog barking.

So, what's the best solution?  I've been suggested to install rolled foam + another layer of drywall, or, cellulose sprayed between the existing walls.

It's a large area... about 100' x 12' of shared wall space.  I would be willing to pay 5k for sure.  10k, probably not.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Randy S

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Re: Conversations from next door driving me nuts!!
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You need to add Mass and a dampener wouldnt hurt adding also...
I would recommend adding a layer of MLV w/PSA to the existing drywall followed by another layer of 3/4" drywall and apply Green Glue. Here are the links to these materials. This will greatly improve your overall STC rating of your wall and not break the bank so to speak.
Green Glue