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Janice Shelly

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Marble Flooring installed with no sound barrier
« on: May 24, 2001, 04:01:45 AM »
PLEASE HELP!  I live in a wood constructed condominium in So. California that I purchased in 1996.  A couple months after I bought my unit, the unit above me installed marble flooring without any sound insulation.  About two years ago, it was purchased in a foreclosure and the flooring issue (which had previously been a problem) had been disclosed in the new owner's escrow documents.  It stated that either the existing floors be covered with carpeting or that the marble must be removed and re-installed with proper soundproofing.  The new owner has refused to do either.
A judge has finally ordered my neighbor into mediation to resolve the problem.  However, since there was nothing in the CC&R's prohibiting her from having hard surface flooring, she refuses to cooperate. She wants me to figure out a way to insulate through my ceiling.  I only have 8ft ceilings and was told a while back that I would have to drop the ceiling to create "air space."  Is this true?
In addition, she has a young son who constantly runs due to the fact that there is no furniture in her living room, which is directly over my master bedroom suite.
If you have any solutions, or if the only way to abate the problem is to have her remove the existing marble, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.