Author Topic: Opening a rehearsal studio business need a little help.  (Read 3136 times)


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Opening a rehearsal studio business need a little help.
« on: February 18, 2009, 02:33:15 AM »
Hello and thanks for looking. I am about to start a band rehearsal room company that offers room to rehearse in that are equipped with drums, guitar amps and bass rigs with a pa in each room. i have 8 rooms about 18'x16' and they will be right next to eachother. the problem: massage parlor conected to me (just about 15-20 feet of wall) is next door and i wanna make her not hear anything really. between the band rooms however, i dont mind if they can hear the other bands in the other rooms a little bit cause once they start playing, it will drown out the other noise. anyone suggest what i should do for the massage women and then have an ideas for the band rooms that are next to eachother. egg carton foam for the band rooms? i have a budget of about 20k but dont really wanna use it if i dont have to because the expenise way cost me about 50k and i cant do that, any help would be the best!!!!!!! thank yall