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Speaker platform
« on: February 20, 2009, 10:49:29 AM »
I want to isolate my floorstanding hi-fi speakers in my lounge. The speakers have spikes and stand on a carpeted floor with underlay below that atop (old) wood floorboards. The lounge is on the first floor so underneath the floorboards is approx an 8 inch gap until we get to the ceiling of the ground floor.

Most importantly I want improve the sound of the music in the lounge itself. I already have placed acoustic foam in the corners. Additional benefits such as reducing the noise to the ground floor below and the level of vibration on the lounge floor (not a serious problem) would be good.
I was really hoping for a quick, simple and cost effective solution involving some kind of isolation platform which needs to be 14"x12". Hopefully the thickness could be kept to around 1" but I could go thicker if it really brought an improvement. I was thinking along the lines of cutting some material to the required size and placing underneath the speakers. But what is the best material? HDF, or cork maybe? Or maybe a laminate of some sort, say HDF and acoustic foam. The ability to paint the platform would be a big bonus (unless the material was readily available in black).

All suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks in advance,

Howard Arrowsmith (based in UK).

Randy S

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Re: Speaker platform
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Why not use speaker hangers and get them off the floor completely.
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