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Studio Failure: Vibration Madness
« on: February 20, 2009, 05:52:16 PM »
Hi, i'm building a recording and rehearsal studio in a aprox. 3x4 meters room in my apartment, which the building is all built of concrete, the main reason i'm doing this is because of the neighbors they all complain and they are right because it sounds really loud outside, so i had to do something and i thought make useful the work and turn it to a recording studio too, anyway.. i hired a engineer who claimed himself to know all about it, and that he would make my room sound 90% less, so what he did:

- He did a 4 inch-high floated floor, which contains wood strips all over, and filled all the spaces with full fiberglass, and some sawdust, then sealed it with a floor of compounded wood nailed to the wood strips.
- On all the walls and ceiling he covered them with 1.5 inch dark brown cork pasted with contact cement, and over the cork he pasted acoustic foam all over, with contact cement again.
- He installed a normal veneered door with fiberglass inside (which i know it doesn't work quitely as i've seen a lot of better ones)

now the room feels quite isolated and you can hear just a little in the corridor building, but now the problem is not the loud sound but the VIBRATIONS!  when i'm playing bass with my drummer now all the apartment vibrates like CRAZY and makes noises! now my neighbors from above and below are saying its worse than before, my neighbor who lives in the second floor above complains that even the table in his living room vibrates! and we don't play that loud, we play soft rock songs nothing heavy... now this so-called engineer doesn't know what to do, all he says is that that's the maximum soundproofing existing, and i KNOW that he is wrong and there's gotta be a way, a solution to this big problem, i paid a LOT of money in this work as this kinds of materials are really expensive in my country, and now i feel really bad...

Please anything, any suggestions i would really appreciate them, thank you very much and sorry for my english, thank you

Randy S

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Re: Studio Failure: Vibration Madness
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2009, 11:33:26 PM »
Well I would say you need to resolve this in steps. I would first get rid of the 4" floated stage(resonence chamber) on the floor. The assembly is not decoupled it is still directly connected to the substrate. You need to get this decoupled on anti vibration pads, fill the cavity with Cotton fiber or Closed Cell foam and add barrier and a dampener (MLV and Green glue layer) with a new layer of plywood.
After you have corrected the floor issue that will tell us how bad the transmission through the wall is, you might have to do a room inside of a room design in order to stop the LF and vibration from getting through.
Give me a call at the office and we can further discuss this issue.