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Starting to build studio
« on: February 21, 2009, 06:59:50 PM »
Hello. New guy here, i'm trying to build a studio for my band in our apartment. If you all could help me out and correct me if any of my plans are ineffective or doomed to fail..  ;)

First of all, the details. The room that we are converting is a 4x3 metre bedroom in an apartment with no inhabitants. Its an empty flat and the  mortgage is fully paid up, so we want to make the best of it. Concrete floor and ceiling, brick walls. There are no "common walls" (is that the word?) as in all four walls are not shared with neighbours. One wall shares with the living room, another with our store-room, another with a stairwell and another with the outside world, seven stories up. The only neighbours are on top and below us. We play loud rock music, so we have given our numbers to them so that they can call us if it gets too loud, instead of calling the police.

Its about two weeks more before our shiny new pdp drumkit comes in, but we still have all the time in the world so.. its DIY time for us  ;D

My plans to lower the sound levels going upstairs and downstairs is-

-Layer ceiling with 1" polystyrene, then nail a layer of MLV to it so the polystyrene is sandwiched between hard ceiling and MLV- allowing the MLV to "float" (is that the correct term to use?)

-Layer the floor with those colourful 1" thick foam mats used in judo dojos, then a layer of MLV, then carpet.

-Then basically doing exactly this- for the drumkit.

My concerns are that those measures arnt really enough to stop the neighbour's picture-frames from coming of their hooks. Obviously our goals are not total soundproofing, just making it bearable for the neighbours. We are also not playing everyday, and only in the afternoon.

We plan to only put MLV on the walls if the neighbours find it too loud.

Do you guys think this is a good idea?


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Re: Starting to build studio
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2009, 01:47:34 PM »
Thanks, guys!

Randy S

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Re: Starting to build studio
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2009, 07:30:14 PM »
Sorry for the delayed reply!,
This is a unique situation beacuse you have such solid walls and ceiling system, What I think will be the most critical principle you will need is decoupling from the structure.
What you decribe as the pictures falling off will be directly related to decoupling, the combination of MLV and the stage for the kit should yield decent results however the ceiling is where you might have to rethink the idea.
I think you'll get better results if you can float the ceiling on isolation clips and channel.

Remeber Mass reduces airborne sound and decoupling reduces impact and vibration.
Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss it further.