Author Topic: Cure all COMPLETELY soundproof band practice space/studio within garage HELP!  (Read 5299 times)


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I am buying a house here in Texas, and I am going to build a home studio/ band practice space within my new 2 car garage. Surely there must be a way where I can completely soundproof a "room within a room" to where we can play even late at night without complaints from the neighbors, or my roomates within the house. I understand this may be a considerable financial undertaking, but I have some money to spend. I guess I am just looking for the cure all helper to tell me what would be best for this garage, and to help keep it as budget as possible.
At this point anything is possible but here are some questions.

Does it make most sense to build 4 walls independently of the existing 4 walls? I want to be able to play without annoying my neighbors or roomates even at night, a little noise within the house may be fine.

I don't have a motorized garage door opener so that won't be in the way, what would I do to take care of the garage door, or would I even have to with a "room within a room" style space.

The floor is concrete like most garages, how would i secure the frame to the floor and sealing ensuring no sound will escape.

Would it make sense to justify the room to a back corner of the garage (away from the large garage door) and place soundproof material in between both walls?

How would i ensure soundproofing in placing electrical outlets within the space.

Should i place material in between the two walls of the frame to the room?

Should I use wood, drywall, green glue, MLV, lead, cotton batting, vibration pads, super soundproofing mat, or a crazy combination of everything?
Ultimately I just need ideas, I see all the how-to's and materials listed on the site, but it doesn't help as much as getting a good solid opinion as to what I should really do.
I'm not trying to make the garage "manageable" to my neighbors and stop playing before dinnertime. I need to be able to record and play later at night because my schedule requires me to do so. This needs to be done in the most budget way possible to where it's still guaranteed to work!

I think realistically the size of the band area would be 12'x15' give or take a few feet either way.



Randy S

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Yes this is possible, the room inside of a room is the best design for sound control and will save you on soundproofing materials.
Truely the best way to go over assemblies and overall material costs would be to contact me at my office.
I will be happy to go over all your options with you.