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Hi, all,

So, my roomate and I just moved into a 1 story home (we are renting) that was built in 1994.  The houses next to ours are about 13-15 ft away.  We gave up the master bedroom for our practice room for our band.  The room is around 17 x 13 ft, has one window, and has a vaulted ceiling.  We tested the room to see how loud drum playing would be from the outside, and it's definitely noticeable.  We want to sound INSULATE the room, because I know we can't proof it.  I need advice on what to do, considering I've never had to do this before.  We will be playing mostly during the daytime, and I do plan on talking to my neighbors about it.  Also, since there are only two of us, there will only be 2 different instruments (I'm counting vocals as an instrument) playing at any one time.  Like I said before, we aren't looking for a soundproof room, but we need enough insulation to keep as much noise as possible from leaving the house.  Since we are renting the house, I'm looking for a solution that is temporary and easily installed/removed without causing serious damage to the room.  Also, the most affordable solution would be preferred, considering we are both fresh out of college  :).   I know this is a lot to ask for, but I would REALLY appreciate any advice anyone might have for me.  Multiple suggestions are welcomed!

Thanks a lot!

Randy S

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Results may vary!!!!
Plug the window. see link .

Make portable panels to put between you and your neighbors.
Third paragraph down.


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Who knows, you might get lucky.  Maybe your neighbors all work during the day...