Author Topic: Inexpensive soundproofing with a medium-density neoprene layer  (Read 4958 times)


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Hi all,

I'm considering inexpensive soundproofing solutions for my apartment. (<$500 if possible)

I have access to cheap neoprene (similar to <>) and if possible would like to construct a solution similar to the following: (inner-most layers first)

1) Drywall - the original walls and ceiling (anchored to the studs directly)
2) PSA Neoprene like the above (medium density, about 0.5pounds/sq.foot) - 1" thick
3) Some hard acoustically dissimilar substance, like luaun plywood
4) Canvas, painted with urethane, mostly for aesthetics

This would cover all of the walls and ceiling. Of course, I would follow some of the other guidelines like caulking and placing monitors on foam pads. I also plan to use a similar approach for the door. Note that I am not concerned about sound traveling through the floor nearly as much as the walls and ceiling.

Because I haven't seen anything similar to this, (with the next closest substitute being MLV-drywall layers) I wonder if this is even feasible? Would it provide at least decent soundproofing?

Also, could you possibly suggest some cheap improvements or modifications?

Thank you so much.