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Help to reduce noise from speakers
« on: April 22, 2009, 02:05:54 PM »
I'm renting the upstairs of a house that has an apartment in the basement.  I want to considerate of neighbours downstairs.  I've let them know if I'm too loud to let me know since I don't want to annoy them, since I tend to be sensitive noise myself.  The other evening I was working late and they called to let me know that my music was keeping them awake even though it was turned down quite low (you could barely hear outside of the room I was working in).  My office area is above their bedroom.  I wondering what the best methods for minimizing the sound is.  I don't need to eliminate, but have it so that the noise is reduced so it doesn't bother them.  I actually have two rooms of concern.

1) Office Area:  This is where I work / play computer games.  I have a 5.1 speaker set up (although only using it as a 3.1 at the moment).  After the complain I moved the subwoofer off the floor onto a shelf but I can still feel vibrations on the floor so I'm worried that this is what's causing the noise.  I have the subwoofer as low as it can go and unfortunately can't turn it off completely.

2) Living Room:  I have receiver here I use when I play console games or watch movies.  Again, I don't want to bother the downstairs neighbours.  I don't have a subwoofer in this room so bass isn't as big of a problem.  I have 4 floor speakers that are a too big to move off the floor (they're about 24 years old, 3 feet high and work so well I don't want to get rid of them).

So my questions are:

1) Is there anything I can use underneath the speakers to dampend the sound that would come from them so it doesn't bother the downstairs neighbours?
2) Would using some MLV underneath a throw rug help to limit any transmission of the sound?

I don't play beyond a 'typical' usage (i.e. I'm not going for "I need it loud"), but it seems even at normal levels there's transmission.  I know I can hear them on occasion and they're not playing music at party levels either.