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Author Topic: See-Thru Vinyl Curtain (STC 20) effectiveness  (Read 4654 times)


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See-Thru Vinyl Curtain (STC 20) effectiveness
« on: May 21, 2009, 06:34:52 AM »

Hi, I plan to install the See-Thru Vinyl Curtain Material (Clear) 4' wide sheet over a large patio door. The goal is to reduce the traffic noise. 
If the MLV have STC rating of 20,  and assuming the  patio door glass have STC of 27 (average for single pane glass? ), what if the total effective STC if i install the MLV 5 inches from the glass?

Also, the website also mentioned that i can apply the MLV directly on the glass...

"Can be applied directly to clean glass to reduce sound coming through the window.  Use a solution of distilled water and a few drops of "No Tears" baby shampoo without conditioner.  Use a spray bottle to apply and a rubber squeegee to remove bubbles.  Use a lint free cloth or coffee filters to clean with the same solution you used to apply.  Do not use any cleaner with vinegar or ammonia or paper towels."

How much will this improve the STC rating?

If my goal is to reduce the low 125Hz frequency by 70%, any idea what STC i should aim for?    ???

thanks in advance