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Yoga and Healing Center sound proofing
« on: May 25, 2009, 01:06:40 AM »
Hi. I am doing a fit-up in a 3000 square foot space for my Yoga and Healing Center. (We are moving the business). I have 2 large yoga studio spaces (wide open rooms) adjoining, a massage "suite", 3 bathrooms, a treatment room adjoining one of the yoga studios (for therapy sessions), and a front entry/meeting area where people generally gather and socialize (loudly). We often run children's yoga classes (which are loud) at the same time that we run adult yoga classes (quiet) in opposite studios. We also offer massage and other body care treatments all day and evening. Each room needs to be fully soundproofed so we can run all of these services at once without interfering with each other. This new space we are moving into is ground level on a slab with 8' ceilings. The ceilings are corrugated metal with metal ceiling joists every 12" on center. (It is 8' to the bottom of the metal joists). I am having thin (5/16") glue-down bamboo flooring installed throughout. Non of the walls have been framed, no rough mechanical done yet etc. My question is: what is the best and MOST ECONOMICAL way to soundproof this entire Center?? (best materials and method)
Thank you!!! I will await your reply.

Randy S

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Re: Yoga and Healing Center sound proofing
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This is a large area for soundproofing issues, Based on your post I feel there should be a methodical approach to this project based on the levels on noise in each room to address. Example: High STC ratings for the entry area and where the childrens yoga class is being held, Lower STC rating for the adult class room and so on.
To accomidate this type of need it would be best to give me a call at the office so we can discuss all the particulars and decide which areas would require different levels of soundproofing in the most economical way.
I look forward to hearing from you.