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Need advice -- practice space.
« on: June 02, 2009, 04:51:38 AM »
I'm going to be moving into a new house (with my band) in a couple of weeks. Really nice place -- 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom. It'll be 3 - 4 of us living there. But it's in a sort of nice neighborhood. Accordingly, there are uptight neighbors and, apparently, the old guy who will be living across the street from me is the "neighborhood watch", so to speak.

So, we want to utilize the spare bedroom as a practice space (It'll be cheaper in the long run. Practice rooms in Austin run pretty expensive depending on how much you use them.) And we want to soundproof it really well so the neighbors won't bother the landlord.

I have two ideas as to go about doing this:

A.) Building a room within a room, but the kicker is that it needs to be collapsible and mobile. I'd figure that I could build a platform for the floor, made out of wood, heavy vinyl and carpet. After that, I'd build four floating walls with insulation, more vinyl and some other stuff. I'm thinking I could put latches or locks in the platform and in the walls and that way after practice, we can just take the walls down. (For the landlord's sake.) I'd also want to build a fake ceiling or a dropped ceiling with the same material. My only worry for this is the threat of fire. I'm not sure what kind of risk that is. And also, maybe, cost...though I know a good many places where I could get the materials (sans the heavy vinyl) for cheap or free.

B.) Again, keeping the platform, except this time I'd buy some lead curtains and put them to the walls, then cover those up with this Audimute sound curtains.

My goal is to keep it cheap, portable and to deaden the sound so we don't bother the neighbors. Which option is better? Or is there a better way to go about this than either of those?