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HELP! Desperate for soundproof fence from traffic
« on: August 10, 2009, 04:44:50 PM »
I have read so many articles on sound proofing fence.  I am so frustrated because it cost so much for the absorbing sound material and then you read that there is little hope for any sound proofing a yard period!
I have lived in my home for 32 years and recently within the last two years they have turned this state highway into a trucking route.
They not only did that but bumped the speed from 35MPH to 55MPH which means people are going at least 60MPH. To make matters worse, it has dangerous curves on this road. It is also narrow with the road close to all the homes. At least 20 homes are located on this road which also includes the small towns local businesses on the curve. This road runs through our town and is about a mile long if that! (Oh did I mention their next step is to put rumble strips in!)
You can imagine the noise now. It is horrible! My yard is a nice yard with trees, flower, a pool and just simply a nice yard. I have since lost all joy of being outside which was something I so loved. 
 I love working in my garden and simply relaxing which I can no longer do.
I have no idea what to do now. I have a cedar hedge trees that has been around the yard for years and we recently put a fence up in the front to block some of the road.
However, I had no idea about sound proofing and realize our fence does nothing. I also have learned that my trees do nothing.  I am lost at what to do.
I can't sell my home (OR I WOULD) since times are bad but who the heck would want it!
We are not rich people and cannot afford to put up a fence with all the foam and MVL or whatever that stuff is. The expense would be probably as much as buying a new home! We have a lot of territory to cover  since the road is in the front and it can be heard on both sides of the home.
Can anyone PLEASE help me find a cost effective way to build a fence??? I live in a wooded area, rocks lots of natural things available for me. I thought of the straw bale idea but worry due to we live in the North, lots of snow, wet and cold. Would the mold? The noise is driving me crazy! I just don't understand why when roads are developed people living on them are not considered. The change in speed made the biggest difference. When the cars/trucks are going slow the noise is bearable in my backyard. But, with the new speed it is terrible! ANY help would be so appreciated! I love my home and my yard! I want to enjoy my home again........... :'(

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Re: HELP! Desperate for soundproof fence from traffic
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2009, 05:08:07 PM »
I can understand your frustration regarding this type of noise issue, we deal with this quite a bit.
Unfortunately, when dealing with outside noise it is best to try and reflect so height of the wall and distance to source are major factors in your results.
Based on your post I feel it would be best if you contacted me direct, this way we can review all the variables and maybe come up with a solution.
Here is my contact info.