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soundproofing walls with mass loaded vinyl?
« on: August 13, 2009, 02:45:43 PM »

I recently moved into a new house (renting) and have been having some trouble with the neighbors.  I have band practice in my basement, and obviously it is quite loud.  As a first step I basically took the windows out of the equation by covering them up with heavy concrete blocks and sealing them off.  There is also an exterior door which I sealed up tightly with a heavy rubber mat (about 70 lbs).

This has given me a max volume level of about 60 - 65 dB right outside the house.  It is very uniform, there is no noticeable difference being next to the windows vs just the wall; so I feel like I have taken care of those pretty nicely.  Unfortunately my neighbor's house is only about 6 feet away from mine on one wall and he is still complaining.  Two of the four walls in the basement are facing a neighbor.

So, I would like to do more if possible.  Obviously, bass is the biggest problem; since everything is sealed up tight none of the higher frequency stuff gets through.  To give you an idea the crash cymbals which register at up to 115 dB peak inside the basement are only about 55 dB right outside, which I think is pretty impressive!

My idea is as follows.  First, make some barriers to put inside right next to the drums. If we could lower the overall level in the room by 5 dB or whatever then everyone else can turn down to follow suit.

Secondly, I want to create a second wall all along the 2 walls facing the neighbor (about 35 - 40 feet long).  My idea is to take maybe 2 rolls of the mass loaded vinyl stuff (54" wide by 30 ' long) and cut it to size then hang it from the ceiling straight down, sealing it up tightly and having a dead air space behind it.  My hope is to get an additional 10 dB of noise reduction out of this, getting the outside volume level down to maybe 50 dB.

(1) Do you think this is a feasible plan?

(2) Would the vinyl with foam backing help much more than the regular vinyl in this instance?  I could potentially also hang heavy curtains and/or blankets in front of the new "walls" to get a few more dB reduction.

(3) What would be the best size for the dead air space?

Sorry this has been rather long winded.  Thanks for your help.