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Soundproofing common bedroom wall
« on: September 14, 2009, 03:40:22 PM »
While we've lived in our townhouse for almost 1 year, we just recently got neighbours and all the sounds that come with.

Our main concern is the wall that joins the master bedrooms. Unfortunately, we can clearly hear different sounds coming from our neighbour's bedroom, but what's worse is we can hear them having a conversation. As you can imagine, it is very frustrating especially after paying so much for a house that we love!!  The odd thing is that, while we hear them walking around, that is the only room we can actually hear them talking. We're also expecting a new baby and want to ensure that they do not hear everything.

We're considering both options of removing drywall or if possible, retrofitting existing wall. I've been doing some research but I am not sure which is the best option to go with and which products to go with. Also, what is best option for lowest cost.

I also have no clue where to purchase products such as mass loaded vinyl. I live in Ottawa, Canada - can you find such products at a basic home renovation store such as Home Depot?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!