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Isolating a metal shed for noise in and out
« on: October 07, 2009, 05:50:16 PM »

I have an old metal shed that I'm going to modify and put my virtual assistant business in. I need to seriously reduce the noise coming and and out of the office as I will be dealing with private information of people and I don't want everyday neighborhood noises coming in. I also want my son to be able to do sound mixing with his bass and the computer. The back wall is actually on the neighbors property so I obviously can't have a lot of noise.

The shed is approximately 6hx8wx8l and those measurements are kind of skewed because the front is a few inches larger than the back. The door opens outward. The floor is made out of wood. There is a small hole in the wall that I will cover. There is also an electrical outlet.

I'm thinking about covering the hole on the inside and out so moisture doesn't get in. I'm going to put silicon in the crevices where the top of the shed meets the walls to cover any openings from rain and noise. What I need to do next is to put something between the metal wall and the plywood I will be putting up. I don't think sheet rock will work very well with the metal and it will be easier and heaper to just nail the plywood to the metal structure. I need to know what to fill in between the metal and the wall to make it sound proof in and out and to avoid mold moisture if any.

I will also need to do something with the floor. right now it's just straight wood on i think dirt. I want to avoid bugs and things.

I suppose I will either need to plan to open the door every-so-often or put some sort of ventilation system in. Since it's metal it will get hot. Maybe a fan too.

The door I will make will be hinged and swings inward.

It sounds crazy and too expensive. Anyway to do this cheap and easy?