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Cheapest Way to Build a Heavily Isolated Room?
« on: November 27, 2009, 05:59:25 PM »
If you're looking to build a silent space, what are the cheapest options? Lets assume you're making sampled instruments, so you need it so quiet that you don't sense any outside sound at all.

What would be the cheapest way to do this from scratch in the UK, and what cost are you looking at?

I'm thinking what are the cheapest options? (feel free to add your ideas and thoughts)

1. buy some cheap land somewhere in the country away from roads, with services, and planning permission for a house, on condition of planning permission for a studio (£20k)
2. buy and install a large prefab garage (e.g. 5x6m) on the land (£20k)
3. convert and soundproof the garage into an isolated room, with electrics, carpet etc. (£30k if DIY)
4. This option would be without a control room, which is fine if you have a flat or somewhere to work with the audio. The silent space can be used with a quiet laptop and firewire interface etc.
Total: £70k (requires cash)

1. buy a cheap detached bungalow in a cheap area of the UK, away from main roads. (£150k)
2. knock through some walls to make a big enough space (e.g. 5x6m), and soundproof it. (Ensure that there is already decent access to the room, for large instruments - if necessary, install a 2nd door for further soundproofing) (£30k)
3. use another room as the control room
Total: £180k (mortgage possible)

1. Buy a cheap house with a garden, on condition of planning permission for studio in back garden (£90k each if with your girlfriend)
2. Find a company who can dig and install an underground basement in the garden (these companies are rare in the UK) (£?!)
3. This is unlikely to need soundproofing as underground places are usually well soundproofed by the earth around them
Total £?

I would think that buying a cheap ground floor flat is out of the question, in terms of decent enough sound isolation for the task. If some new noisy student neighbours move in, you could be contending with crazy bass and parties, which would make sound proofing v expensive if not impossible without turning the room into a small crawl space!

In my opinion, finding a cheap residence in a quiet area of the country is going to be the way forward, instead of battling with soundproofing against main roads or neighbours in flats above/left/right.

Feel free to tear apart my ideas. I've no idea if these ideas are feasable or if the prices are right.. if anyone cares to chip in with any cheaper ideas, please feel free!


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Re: Cheapest Way to Build a Heavily Isolated Room?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 05:35:41 PM »
How about buying a sea container 40' . Soundproof for the studio and control room (room for both) Now you can take all that saved cash and invest it in quality soundproofing for the container.
Move it around as need be and not lose your investment in soundproofing.