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The Soundproof Oreo Filling Center
« on: December 02, 2009, 01:00:38 AM »
So my apartment is sandwiched between two neighbors above and below that apparently live in complete silence and balk at every movie I watch. Granted I play at loud volumes, but I took an opportunity to go into my downstairs neighbors' house while a movie was playing, and it was barely hovering at 40dB. Mostly the sounds were from the higher frequencies. He also said the ground "shakes" when things stomp around, which I know he's exaggerating because it doesn't even shake that bad in my house.

Either way, he complains. I need to do some decoupling and isolation but I'm not sure how to approach this. Since I lease, I am unable to do work on the existing structure, only add on top of it (in a way that can be removed in a few years). Since my next door neighbors don't complain, I assume that my sound is too far away from them to make any difference. The apartment structure seems to be made of solid concrete, with about 6-8" between floors (possibly more). I don't have very far to go here, just enough so I can play my movies without them hearing the subtle nuances of the peak dB.

My thought was to build a floating floor in the living room area just big enough to contain the theater, so about a 10' x 14' square. Buy some sound dampening curtains and possibly some more pads for the walls, and cover most of the ceiling with absorbing pads. Will this create my sound-proof oreo filling center I'm looking for?

I attached a mock-up of my living room for visuals.

(that big black thing to the right of the speakers is my subwoofer. Yes I know it's the size of a small child. But she makes me smile when she sings.)