Author Topic: Soundproof party wall from snoring neighbor - am I doing this right?  (Read 7086 times)


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My wife and I recently purchased a townhouse and unfortunately we have a snoring neighbor.  :'(  The snoring tends to be loud, but I am more worried about how it is a low frequency noise.  If I put my hand on the wall I can feel the wall vibrating.  I plan on demo-ing the entire 8 X 14 wall down to the studs.  After speaking with a few contractors here is what I am going to:

1.   Caulk any open holes or spaces in the underlying wall (
2.   Install puddy pads on my two electrical outlets (
3.   Install R19 Fiberglass insulation
4.   Decouple the wall with sound clips and a 7/8” Drywall Furring Channel (
5.   Hang THREE layers of 5/8” drywall with two layers of Green Glue (

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Would you do anything differently?


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Re: Soundproof party wall from snoring neighbor - am I doing this right?
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i also am in a townhouse and have noisy neighbors.

Do you know how the wall is constructed.  If you remove the outlet can you tell if it is a single wall and how many layers of drywall are already on it?

How can you demo the party wall?  Isn't there an association that prevents you from doing that and doesn't it have to be inspected by the association or something?

Why not just add on layers of drywall to the existing wall without demo?

What are the contractors quoting you for a job that size?