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Author Topic: Question about additonal interior windows  (Read 3577 times)


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Question about additonal interior windows
« on: January 28, 2010, 05:06:42 PM »

I'm looking to get another set of windows mounted inside the sill area of our current windows. Apparently, a friend can get a good deal on some thermal windows. They seem to be double paned with a vaccuum in between. The guy calls them thermal. There would be about a 8-12" air space between them and the current windows. The guy doesn't seem to know too much about sound proofing but is pretty sure they along with the current windows will eliminate sound. I called another company and they say they can make one of the panes 1/8" thick and the other one 3/16" with argon in between. Seeing as how these are going on the interior of my current windows, does anyone know if this solution is better and if so how much? The price is a little more, but not too much, and at this point I just want my problem of street noise solved.

Anybody have any input?

Thanks a lot


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Re: Question about additonal interior windows
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2010, 10:17:07 PM »

Hey Joe Nobody,

If the windows will be a secondary set on the inside then you are doing the correct thing.  What you want to check is that they have good seals on the windows.  The better the seals the better your results.  When you or the company install the windows make sure that you seal around the perimeter of the frame with caulking.  No point spending money on new windows only to install them with big gaps.

In relation to the glass.  It is weight that will help.  Argon fill is good for thermal but does little to affect noise.  Consider the total thickness of the glass when you compare your options. The windows with this thicker overall glass thickness and the best seals will work best, provided you install them with a large air cavity. 

By air cavity I mean between your existing window and the secondary window.  The gap between the two panes of glass on your new window is minimal and not making a huge difference.

hope this helps

Adrian Lafleur
Magnetite (Australia) Pty ltd