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soundproofing common walls in a townhouse
« on: February 03, 2010, 07:02:55 PM »
i live in a townhouse style condo- 2 stories with shared walls- i have a limited budget and i want to know what options are available to me for soundproofing a couple of rooms- my living room and my office.

the walls are terrible as they are... i don't know if this is because the walls are so thin, there is little to no insulation between my unit and the neighbors unit, or a combination of things- for example, with the neighbors on one side of my unit i can hear a lot of what they do in the run of a day- everything from their conversations to their TV being turned.

these neighbors are also noticeably noisy as it is, which just adds to the problem- they have a loud dog that barks a lot, and a kid that plays on laminate wood floors, not to mention (to me what sounds like) the constant running/stomping from here to there and up and down stairs- all of this can be heard quite clearly.

what i want to do is put up some kind of soundproofing on the walls- as far as i know i can't tear down the walls in any way so i don't know what options that leaves me with- i've heard about blankets/comforters/moving blankets being used for soundproofing but i don't know how effect they would be and i how exactly they should be set up if they do work.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: soundproofing common walls in a townhouse
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Re: soundproofing common walls in a townhouse
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Sorry for the delayed reply. You have serious problems with the impact issue and will require a more aggresive approach. As for the wall we can add barrier and a dampening compound and improve this area however the transmission throough the shared floors and ceiling will be harder to address.
My direct contact info is below, when you get a chance give me a call and we can discuss the results based on your approach.
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