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Tips for Building Basement Music Room
« on: August 07, 2001, 01:02:19 AM »
Im in the middle of renovating my house and am adding in a music room. The room is in the basement of the house with a partial concrete foundation, 2 interior walls and one exterior wall. I'm looking for additional advice and tips but here's what's in the plan so far:
1. Walls - 2 layers of sheetrock mounted on reslient channels. Sheetrock is 2 different thicknesses which I've been told helps to reduce standing waves.
2. Ceiling - Same as walls with added layer of fiberglas insulation.
3. Ceiling heating ducts - 2 flexible pipe ducts that will be enclosed in a soffit. Only in small portion of the room.
My goal is two fold -
1. Reduce sound tranmition to the rest of the house, especially after hours. I won't typically have a drummer but would like to have the opition to play a reasonable level.
2. Siund quality - since this room will be used for playing and recording I'd like to make the sound quality in the room as good as it can be.
I'm in the contruction phase as we speak with the studs in place and sheetrock and insulation going in soon. I recognize that I will need to add some items such as window plugs post construction but right now I'm trying to make sure I maximize what I can do before the walls are sealed up.
1. Already have reslient channel. What additional benefit would I get from the Noise clips that you sell?
2. Walls - should one of the layers be homosote? What additioal benefit would I get from adding the layer of acoustical
3. Anything else? I'm looking for the point of diminishing return here. Thanks