Author Topic: Ripping up uninsulated walls and adding Roxul rockboard 60 or other vs greenglue  (Read 4844 times)


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I have a condo with uninsulated walls... long story...contractor finally cut and sprayed insulation but it didnt do anything so I suspect it didn't spread well with the tiny holes that were cut. I can hear my neighbors talking through the walls at all times.  I purchased green glue to add some drywall to decrease noise.  However, would it be better to just add insulation(like Roxul rockboard 60)? Would that make for a better solution.  Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Randy S

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As you have found out that adding insulation did not deliver that great of a reduction if any. The reason is because you still have all the hard connections and not enough mass. The green glue is a great compound and we use it alot in our systems, but in itself it is not enough either. You need to decouple from the structure and add barrier(mass / lb. per sqft. density). You can do a "Band-aid" approach by just adding MLV/psa with new 5/8" drywall and the green glue, however it will not deliver nearly the reduction you would achieve if you decouple with clips and channel(floating the wall).