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My plan for a soundproof garage
« on: March 31, 2010, 11:23:23 PM »
Me and my friend are experienced recorders for demos, we record a lot of kids out where we are. However, we record in my garage. and there's a baby on the way next door, we want to make sure we aren't going to annoy the family. So far nobody hasn't really other neighbor is a bit of a fun killer. I enclosed the layout of my plan. of the garage. Its the usual unfinished garage, where there's only 2X4s and plywood, with stucco on the outside. We have a budget, about 2,000 or so. I want to make sure we do this right so we don't end up in trouble. Please keep in mind the usual city codes. This has to stay as a garage, so the car can pull into the room when we don't use it. The studio will need the most soundproofing, a lil less or a little in the outside, and perhaps i can add some in my room, the baby's room is sharing a wall with me. any ideas as far as what materials i have to use? Me and my business partner put up some egg crate, to cover the holes but that's just temporary, the garage has to moisture escape vents on the right wall, a window right above them. How do i make sure the window is covered? There is no insulation anywhere. How do i fix the garage door problem(solid rectangle one) its made of wood.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!