Author Topic: Necessary STC rating for average rock band?  (Read 4315 times)


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Necessary STC rating for average rock band?
« on: April 03, 2010, 05:49:37 AM »
Hi everyone,
I'm looking to buy a house soon, and part of my budget is going into soundproofing a room in the house for band practice.  After my limited amount of research, it looks like viscoelastic polymer between two sheets of 5/8 gypsum will get me about 50-55 STC not counting whatever the exterior wall will provide.  I've read that an STC rating is approximately how many dB of sound is taken away after transfer through the wall.  Is this true?  I've also read that STC ratings do not account for frequencies lower than 125 Hz, which comprises a large part of a rock band's sound.  Will the neighbors be calling the cops if my band practices inside a room with a 55 STC rating? Even if I caulk every corner of the room, put in a solid door and plug the windows if necessary?

Randy S

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Re: Necessary STC rating for average rock band?
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That would depend on how far the neighbors are from the studio. Normally when we do professional studios we shoot for 70+ STC rating with a fully floated structure, MLV diaphragm system for assisted control with Sound pressure levels and a dampened final surface area.
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