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Hi everyone,

I could really use some advice.  We have just purchased our first home.. a townhome in an older complex.  It was a stretch, but something we have been saving up for a long time.  Anyhoo, after juggling our two young young children and the hectic move from our rental to our new place, we went to bed exhausted... only to be kept up by our neighbors and their "sexual relations" (including bedsprings).  I'm just devastated.  The last thing I want to hear at night is THAT!  Can anyone help suggest a solution to this problem?  We generally can't hear too much from next door, just closets closing and voices (not specific words).  The previous owner put another layer of dry wall on the shared living room wall downstairs, and though we can't hear any day to day noise through that wall, we do hear their action movies (to be expected, I guess).  I don't really care about the living room, I just want quiet in our bedroom!!

We don't really want to tear the wall apart.. would another layer or two of drywall solve the problem?

Thanks for your help!

Randy S

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For the Ambient noise you can add 1 or 2 layers of MLV w/psa followed by 5/8" drywall with green glue sandwiched in between, however if you are experiencing impact and structure noise ie: head board, banging on the wall / floor then the problem will require taking down drywall and decoupling the wall from the structure.
also keep in mind that in multi residental buildings the "Flank" factor is huge due to the fact you share most of the structure.