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Portable practice booth question
« on: July 11, 2010, 02:17:28 PM »
I'm a professional violin/viola player that because of neighbor complaints needs to construct a soundproof practice booth. Problem is I may only stay in this apartment for another year or two, and so I will need to make something that can be easily taken apart and move with me. It doesn't need to be bigger than about 3 square meters, but weight is an issue, so I plan on using light metal studs instead of wood. I will then construct the floor, 4 walls (one with a door of course) and the ceiling as separate pieces using an outer wall of standard gypsum dry wall, rockwool insulation and a thin inner wall of plywood to cut down on weight, and yes, I know cutting down on weight will lessen the soundproofing effect. I plan to compensate for that by attaching at least one, and maybe both of the walls to the stud with some kind of vibration damping rubber in between the wall and the stud. I also plan on sealing every assembly with some kind of sealant (suggestions?) and essentially make every wall piece a sealed airspace in itself. A closed airspace is a very effective sound barrier, right? The floor and sealing will constructed in the same way, and when assembled I will line the inner walls and ceiling with foam.

The problem of course lies in assembling the box so that it can be taken apart again. I'm going to attack this problem in two ways: Two of the walls will be shorter and on the end of these there will be a rubber tube of insulation strip of some sort, essentially forming a giant gasket. This way I should be able to make the assembly completely air tight. Only the 4 walls will actually be assembled. I then plan on floating this box on the floor module on just on it's own weight, again on some sort of rubber insulation strip, effectively creating a floating wall. As for the ceiling it will float on it's own weight on the top of the box in the same way. I hope that I can make a completely airtight box in this manner. As for ventilation I will build two standard baffle systems, one of wich will have a fan blowing air out (or is it better to blow air in?)

So, what do you think? Will this work, is it a feasible and have I overlooked anything?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!